Chelsea PTO - 880 Series

Chelsea PTO - 880 Series
Technical Specifications
Performance Characteristics
Mounting Styles 8-Bolt
Shift Type Mechanical
Standard Output Shaft Size 1-1/2" - 10T Spline w/ 1410 Flange
Intermittent Torque Rating (lbs.ft) 500 (Check Application Pages for Actual Torque Ratings)
Intermittent Torque Rating (Nm) 678 (Check Application Pages for Actual Torque Ratings)
Output Shaft (HP) 500 RPM: 48, 1000 RPM: 95
Output Shaft (Kw) 500 RPM: 36, 1000 RPM: 71
Weight (lbs) 63
Weight (kg) 28.6
Product Info

Chelsea® - 880 Series


Not every PTO is as tough as a Chelsea 880 Series Power Take-Off (PTO). That’s because many don’t need to be. But if you’re using bulk haulers, fire trucks, oil rigs, utility and generator applications, large truck recovery or other tough challenges, the Chelsea 8-Bolt 880 Series PTO is designed for high and low speed, high torque applications with constant mesh input gears. It features a standard lever control shift, or an optional air control shift. Pressure lubrication is available to ensure longer bearing life. Tapered cone bearing offer excellent load bearing capability. And the rugged cast-iron housing is extremely durable. The shift cover is removable, making backlash adjustment easier and more accurate. Specifically, the 880 is an 8-Bolt, 10 spline, 1-1/2" output shaft PTO, rated for up to 500 lbs-ft torque for intermittent service. 


• Bulk Haulers                  

• Fire Trucks                      

• Aerial                

• Large Truck Recovery